Business and commerce

Enhance your capabilities to achieve business and personal growth for you, your teams and your organisation.

Micro-credentials and Certificates of Proficiency

Cloud Computing for Business Professionals (Online)
Covers the fundamentals of cloud computing in four domains: cloud concepts, security, technology, and billing and pricing. Learn the key principles of cloud computing as well as the five pillars of the AWS well-architected framework in a business context.

Effective Decision Making (Online)
Explore techniques and tools to support managerial decision-making with this 15-point credit bearing course comprising 10 weekly modules.

The Global Economy and New Zealand (Online)
Develop your understanding of the global economy and opportunities for small trading nations such as New Zealand with this 15-point credit bearing course comprising 10 weekly modules.

Organisations and Culture (Online)
Develop skills in building the structure and culture of organisations with this 15-point credit bearing course comprising 10 weekly modules.

The New Science of Mind and Brain (Online)
Explore the latest research findings investigating mind-brain relationships and their application to real-world issues. Designed for individuals working in a variety of occupations, especially in education, health, social services, human resources, police and corrections settings.

Short courses and programmes

Executive and Professional Development: Short courses

Communication and Negotiation Courses

Better represent yourself and your organisation in verbal and written formats by clearly asserting your voice and ideas. Get your message across without offending others, influence and persuade people across all levels in your organisation, better handle difficult situations and more.

Finance and Accounting courses

Optimise business performance with improved finance and accounting knowledge. Better understand what the numbers are telling you for more informed, rational and robust decision making for your business.

Innovation courses

Explore and make strategic decisions in a disruptive and rapidly changing landscape. Learn to lead, manage and communicate effectively through change.

Leadership and management programmes and courses

Leadership short courses

Today’s leaders need to be relational, responsive, emotionally intelligent, persistent, skilled in communication, and more. Navigate tricky situations with ease, and coach and inspire high performance.

Management short courses

Gain the confidence and skills to lead your team to better performance. Successfully balance task and people orientations with the ability to drive performance and processes towards organisational goals.

Leadership and management programmes

Our leadership and management programmes cater to all levels, from recent graduates, to senior executives, and are designed to challenge your thinking and prepare you for the next step in your

Marketing courses

Gain essential marketing and sales knowledge required to pitch and position your business, especially in today’s oversaturated, competitive and very disruptive landscape.

Supply Chain and Operations courses

Learn the techniques required to understand and integrate business planning and processes. Adjust your mindset and toolsets to create a competitive advantage, optimise your results, and deliver efficient outputs.

Strategy courses

Examine how to detect and respond to organisational opportunities and the critical role leaders play in this process. Confidently lead change initiatives, plan for a strategic future, foster innovation, be adaptive and responsive, and capture value-creation.

Executive and Professional Development: Transitioning to C-Suite Programme

C-Suite Programme

Equips mid-career professionals with the strategic edge needed to be an effective C-Suite leader. Four strategic specialisations include Information Technology Leadership, Financial Operations Leadership, GM and People Leadership and Supply Chain Leadership.

University Pathway Programmes

English language pathways to University study for international students
Designed to help you prepare for university studies.

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