SPSS Core Skills

This workshop will teach participants how to successfully set-up SPSS data files and also run some basic analyses. Please note that no statistical knowledge is required for this workshop; however the focus of the session will be on the SPSS software rather than statistical theory.

Key content

  • Creating a new data set and entering data into SPSS
  • Importing data from sources such as Microsoft Excel
  • Defining variable properties, including value labels and missing value codes
  • Performing data transformations e.g. compute and recode variables
  • Calculating descriptive statistics and other statistical procedures
  • Brief introduction to charts and graphs
  • File manipulation
  • SPSS tips and tricks
  • Introduction to SPSS syntax


This course will introduce participants to the core functions of the SPSS software.

Suitable for

New and existing users. Researchers who need to analyse statistical data, and require a user-friendly statistical package to facilitate this.


Please note that this workshop is specifically for PC users only and SPSS 24 is used. This course focuses on the SPSS software, not statistical theory. Introductory statistics courses are offered in New Zealand by Academic Consulting. To view their current training schedule, visit http://www.academic-consulting.co.nz/training/schedule.


Free for University of Auckland and UniServices staff
Free for University of Auckland postgraduate students
$250+GST for others


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Dates, times and venues for 2017

October - December 2017

Tuesday 10 October 2017, 9.30am-4pm - WORKSHOP FULL.
Room 305, Level 3, Building 620, 49 Symonds Street, City Campus