My Auckland: Becky Bradley

Becky Bradley, a student from Canada's University of British Columbia, has found lots to love about Auckland on her exchange.


"This was taken at my residence, my home for the past four months. I live on a floor with a mixture of PhD, masters, undergraduate, exchange and local students. It makes the resident experience fun and diverse."


"I love playing sports and staying active. At the University of Auckland, it has been no different. I participated in the inter-res volleyball tournament and the inter-faculty touch rugby tournament. I also love spending time at the uni gym and trying out new classes."


"My favourite place in the city is Auckland Domain. This extensive park is situated a few minutes from my residence and is my favourite place to go for a run, walk, or just sit on the grass and relax."


"New Zealand truly is the land of the long white cloud. The skies here are beautiful, not to mention the sunrises and sunsets."


"I love random, spontaneous weekend trips with my friends. Only a few hours away from Auckland and you can be at an incredible beach like Cathedral Cove in the Coromandel, or on a stunning hike like The Pinnacles, which is where this picture was taken."


"I also love exploring cafes, restaurants and, most of all, dessert spots in the city. This photo was taken at Milse dessert bar - a delicious encounter."


"Auckland is so accessible to nature and beaches. This is Piha Beach, only 45 minutes away from the city. Although I've only managed about 12 minutes in the ocean - it's very cold!"


"When I leave, I am going to miss the friends I have made here. I am very lucky to have met such incredible humans and formed such strong connections in a short amount of time."

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