CHINESE 100G Beginning Modern Chinese 1

CHINESE 100G | Open Schedule |Summer School & Semester One 2019| City Campus | 15 points


This course is intended for absolute beginners in Chinese language study. It aims to provide Chinese learners with basic grammar patterns, vocabulary and conversational skills.

Topics covered

  • Chinese pronunciation and romanisation
  • Basic Chinese word order, questions, greetings and basic social talk
  • More types of questions, asking about names, nationality and possession
  • Direct and indirect objects, numbers and auxiliary verbs, talking about your abilities, likes, dislikes
  • Classifiers, more numbers and numbering order, choices and options
  • Money and prices, shopping
  • Negation, ‘le’ and its extended usage, talking about friends, going to restaurants
  • Modification of a noun, simultaneous actions, talking about doing more than one thing at the same time
  • Location, position suffixes, cause and effect, talking about giving directions and finding locations


By enrolling in a General Education language course you are declaring that you have no previous knowledge or study in the language. The University may cancel your enrolment in this course at any time in the semester if you are found to have prior knowledge or study in the language. Further assessment of your language ability may be required and your enrolment may be changed if found to be at a higher level than is permitted for General Education language courses. 



Participation (10%)
Written test (10%)
Two oral tests (20%)
Four short tests (10%)
Two-hour examination (50%)

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