CHINESE 100G Beginning Modern Chinese 1

CHINESE 100G | Open Schedule | Semester One 2017, Summer School 2018 | City Campus | 15 points


This course is intended for absolute beginners of Chinese language. It aims to provide Chinese learners with basic grammar patterns, vocabulary and conversational skills.

Topics covered

  • Chinese pronunciation and romanisation
  • Basic Chinese word order, questions, greetings and basic social talk
  • More types of questions, asking about names, nationality and possession
  • Direct and indirect objects, numbers and auxiliary verbs, talking about your abilities, likes, dislikes
  • Classifiers, more numbers and numbering order, choices and options
  • Money and prices, shopping
  • Negation, ‘le’ and its extended usage, talking about friends, going to restaurants
  • Modification of a noun, simultaneous actions, talking about doing more than one thing at the same time
  • Location, position suffixes, cause and effect, talking about giving directions and finding locations


All students must complete a Language Ability Declaration before enrolling in a language course.

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Participation (10%)
Written test (10%)
Two oral tests (20%)
Four short tests (10%)
Two-hour examination (50%)

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