CHINESE 100G Beginning Modern Chinese 1

CHINESE 100G | Open Schedule | Summer School & Semester One 2021| City Campus | 15 points


This course is specially designed for students who have no previous knowledge of Chinese or whose study of the language is very limited, normally not higher than NCEA 1. CHINESE100 and 100G are taught concurrently. This course gradually and systematically introduces characters and grammar points in one plenary lecture a week on Monday and in four tutorials spread out throughout the rest of the week to ensure optimal learning results. This is a 15 points course with there being a total of 60 contact hours.

Learning Objectives

Students will gain basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in standard Mandarin Chinese, attaining approximately the first level of the standard international Chinese proficiency test (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, HSK Level 1). More specifically, students will be able to achieve the following:

  • Listening: Students will also be able to comprehend basic vocabulary and some simple questions and statements about family members, age, time, interests, and daily activities.
  • Speaking: Make short statements and ask simple questions, primarily by relying on memorized utterances but occasionally by recombining familiar phrases and fragments. Vocabulary centres on areas such as common objects, places, daily activities, hobbies, etc.
  • Reading: Identify a limited number of character components and high-frequency characters in areas of immediate need. Students will be able to read typical messages for instructional and directional purposes, such as prices in stores, times and dates on schedules, and simple replies.
  • Writing: Write fixed expressions and short statements. Vocabulary centres on areas such as common objects, places, daily activities, hobbies, etc. Students will also be able to write names, numbers, dates, their own nationality, and other simple autobiographical information as well as some short phrases.
  • Character: Recognise and write by hand the most frequently used radicals and characters. This course covers Lesson 1 - 5 of the textbook, which includes the most frequently used 180 characters.
  • Culture: Understand basic cultural knowledge about contemporary Chinese people's daily life and the appropriate ways to make basic conversation with Chinese language speakers.


By enrolling in a General Education language course, you are declaring that you have no previous knowledge or study in the language. The University may cancel your enrolment in this course at any time in the semester if you are found to have prior knowledge or study in the language. Further assessment of your language ability may be required and your enrolment may be changed if found to be at a higher level than is permitted for General Education language courses.

Student Feedback

'I think this course is super fantastic and designed very well. It is easy to catch up even if you do not have previous experience in learning Chinese.'

'I liked the group work. I also liked the personable aspect of tutorials. I felt like I was able to get to know the tutors and they were able to help me because of that.'

'The teachers were always kind, helpful and encouraging.'

'My tutor made learning Chinese fun by giving us engaging games and tasks.'

‘Studying dialogues really improved my communication and pronunciation. My writing skills are generally good, but I struggle with making a comprehensive dialogue, so being able to listen to native speakers helped a lot.’

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