EDUC 121G How People Learn

EDUC 121G | B&E, EMHSS, LC | Semester One 2021 | City Campus | 15 points


This course focuses on learning in formal and informal settings and addresses such questions as: why do some things seem easier to learn than others, why do we forget things we once knew, why do some people learn faster or better than others, how do reinforcement, punishment, and modelling influence our behaviour and what we learn, and how is learning influenced by motivation?

Learning Outcomes

This course will provide insight into how you can enhance your personal learning and the learning of others.

Student Feedback

'A very helpful course for those who are curious about how people learn.'

'The lecturer was fantastic. Frequent announcements and updates were very helpful. Canvas was very well laid out with all resources accessible in multiple places. The tutorial tasks were enjoyable and excellent practice for the final exam!'

'An aspect of this course that I found most helpful for my learning was the survey we did at the beginning which evaluated how we are as a learner. This was particularly helpful for my learning as a whole and not just in this course as it helped me to make changes in how I approached my learning material in other courses. The survey helped me become a much more self–regulated and proactive learner.'

'What was most helpful to my learning was definitely the tutorials as they provided insight in times where I felt confused and helped clarify/fill in gaps in my knowledge.'

'Tutorials of this course has been really helpful, especially for non–major students like me.'

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