EXERSCI 100G Exercise and Fitness: Myths and Reality

EXERSCI 100G | OPEN | Summer School & Semester Two 2021 | City Campus | 15 points


This course introduces the principles of physical exercise, focusing on how the body moves and responds, performance measures, and ways fitness can be developed and maintained to optimise health. Particular emphasis is placed on debunking common myths about exercise, and offering evidence-based advice on the benefits of appropriate physical activity.

Blended learning activities have been incorporated into the course to facilitate online learning.  

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to health, wellness and exercise injuries
  • Anatomy and physiology of the human musculoskeletal system
  • The evaluation of fitness (including VO2max tests)
  • Performance under challenging environmental conditions (space travel, scuba diving, mountaineering)
  • Factors required for human movement (motivation, mechanics, energy, neural control)
  • The relationship between genes and physical performance
  • Exercise principles, pain and rehabilitation
  • The psychology behind acquiring a new motor skill
  • The impact of aging on physical performance


If you have completed or are enrolled in the restricted courses: BIOSCI 107, EXERSCI 101, 105, SPORTSCI 100G, 101, 105, MEDSCI 142 or if you are majoring in Exercise Science, then please note that you are not eligible to enrol in this General Education course.

If you are in a Science major, we recommend you enrol in EXERSCI 101 instead of EXERSCI 100G.

Student Feedback

'This is a great example of what every Gen Ed course should be! Well structured and examined.'

'Very interesting and easy to follow, would recommend.'

'Really enjoyed this course as it gave insight into our health and how we should be looking after our body along with the benefits of exercise and how our body responds to this stimulation.'

'Lecturer was enthusiastic, knew what he was talking about, was helpful and approachable. Also, enjoyed the music at the start of class.'

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