FINEARTS 109G Introduction to Photographic Practice

FINEARTS 109G | Open | Semester One & Two 2023 | City Campus | 15 points

Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts conjoint students cannot take this General Education course.


Introduces the methods, concepts and contemporary contexts of photographic practice alongside the development of a photographic portfolio. Students will use their own camera, (this can include cell phone cameras) to develop a portfolio of photographic work and explore the ways in which contemporary arts and cultural practices in Aotearoa enable a critical reflection on the production of images.  

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Develop their understanding and engagement with photographic practice. 
  2. Develop their visual literacy and technical competency to support the use of photography as a tool applicable to a range of research disciplines. 
  3. Develop develop an understanding of contemporary photographic history including the circumstances and content of photographic practice in Aotearoa. 
  4. Be able to use photography as a tool of research and in relation to photography as a contemporary art form. 

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