GEOG 104G Cities and Urbanism

GEOG 104G | Open Schedule | Semester Two 2019 | City Campus | 15 points


Introduces you to geographic approaches to urban environments and issues. It explores urbanism in both historical and contemporary cities to determine the essence of urbanity and the way that citizens (and visitors) experience city life. Understanding cities and urbanism is crucial to comprehending modern human societies.

This course examines urban themes in different contexts from multiple perspectives. The dynamics and character of cities are considered in terms of their built environment (including planning policies and practices), economic systems, population issues, and cultural diversity.

Learning outcomes

Having successfully completed this course, you should know:

  • how cities are a site of change and diversity
  • how urbanism impacts on modern society
  • how social, political, cultural, environmental and economic processes and practices affect urbanism

Topics covered

The course is divided into four thematic sections, each comprising six lectures and a review lecture.

  • Social geographies of the city
  • Cities on the move
  • Megacities of the "third world"
  • Urban sustainability


Coursework (40%)
Examination (60%)

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