ITALIAN 100G Introductory Italian Language

ITALIAN 100G | Open Schedule | Semester One & Semester Two 2020 | City Campus | 15 points


In this course you will learn basic Italian language structures and communication skills, including common words and basic phrases concerning everyday life.

The course is delivered through a combination of class instruction and interactive online activities guided by an especially developed application. The app builds students’ language skills through a narrative.  Giacomo is a Vespa scooter, on which learners travel from the north of Italy to the south, stopping in 11 cities over 11 weeks of on-line time. Each week students complete language learning activities that allow Giacomo to reach his weekly destination and, eventually, complete his journey.  The mix of online and inclass time is two hours in class + four hours online + four hours unguided individual practice each week.

Please note: this is course is for students with no previous knowledge of Italian. You can not take it if you have passed ITALIAN 106 or any other ITALIAN course. 


12% - 2x50 mins in-class written tests

10% - 50 mins in-class assignments (portfolio)

33% - 11 online interactive assignments

15% - 10 CANVAS tests

10% -  ten-minute final oral exam

20% -  two-hour final written exam 


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