JAPANESE 130G Introduction to Japanese Language 1A

JAPANESE 130G | Open Schedule | Summer School, Semester One 2018 | City Campus


This integrated course is for beginners who have never studied Japanese. You will gain basic proficiency in modern Japanese so you can communicate in particular situations. The course will use a range of exercises and activities to develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, including various types of self-paced exercises available on CANVAS. It will introduce some socio-cultural aspects directly related to language-use situations.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Ask for basic information such as the time of the day and location of buildings
  • Buy things in shops and order meals in a restaurant
  • Talk about your daily activities and past events
  • Ask about interests
  • Invite people to do something with you
  • Make requests
  • Ask permission
  • Offer willingness to help
  • Express reasons
  • Read and write a simple passage (eg, memo, letter, and diary) using kana and 58 kanji


This is a waitlisted course. To enrol in this course you must complete a Language Ability Declaration.

To find out more visit First-time enrolment in language courses.


Exam (50%)
Coursework (50%)

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