MĀORI 103G Introduction to Spoken Māori

MĀORI 103G | ARTS, BE, EMHSS, LC | Summer School, Semester One & Two 2024 | City Campus | 15 points


An introduction to spoken Māori for those with no previous knowledge of the language. Concentrates on the acquisition of aural and oral skills, developing the ability to understand and speak Māori.

Restriction: MĀORI 106. May not be taken if a more advanced language acquisition course in this subject has previously been passed.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals of correct Maori language pronunciation and apply them accordingly. 
  2. Be able to deliver basic introductory mihimihi, with due consideration given to the delivery context.
  3. Have developed a basic repertoire of common Maori words and phrases, as taught in the course. 
  4. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of content taught through the course to create grammatically sound sentence constructions. 
  5. Engage in basic te reo Maori conversation about everyday things. 
  6. Be able to greet, acknowledge, and interact with others appropriately (in both written and verbal forms) with due deference to both context and tikanga Maori. 
  7. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the significance of karakia and deliver basic karakia (opening/closing/kai) correctly and with confidence. 
  8. Prepare and deliver oral presentations in te reo Maori with correct pronunciation and intonation, and with confidence. 
  9. Identify and correct basic language errors based on content covered in the course. 

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