Diagnostic assessment and interview

After you have completed your online application, you must sit our online diagnostic assessments.

  • The English part involves multi-choice questions in comprehension, grammar and vocabulary, and some personal writing.
  • The Maths part is set at approximately the level expected in Years 11–12 in a New Zealand high school. It also involves multi-choice and written answers.

Before the assessment

Please ensure you have applied online and submitted all required admission documents. If you have queries, please contact a Student Hub.

Applications remain open until the date of the last assessment. We will update you by email once you have applied online.

Note that the diagnostic assessment is not designed as a competitive test. Its purpose is solely to assess your abilities and for us to build a profile of you as an applicant so we can place you in the right TFC courses. There are no revision tests or exercies available.

Completing the Diagnostic Assessment

  • You do not need an appointment, and there is no cost. See Next Diagnostic Assessment.
  • Calculating devices are permitted and an online calculator is available.
  • Further information is available on the TFC Application Hub page on Canvas.

What happens after the assessments?

We will contact you to either:

  • Offer a follow-up interview
  • Advise you of the outcome of your application


You may be offered an interview. Interviews are not held on the same day as the diagnostic assessments. You'll need to be available during the following days/weeks to be interviewed via Zoom. If this should be a concern, please phone or email us to talk it over.

Special conditions

If you require special conditions, such as extra time, please email us prior to your session.