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The scope of Biology is extensive. It sweeps across the structure and function of all living organisms, their relationships and their evolutionary origins. It also investigates interactions among organisms and the physical and chemical worlds with which they intertwine.

The biological sciences are crucial for preserving New Zealand’s economic prosperity and environmental wellbeing. The natural biodiversity of Aotearoa faces global threats such as climate change and population growth.

But action is afoot. Discovery in the biosciences is advancing at breathtaking speed. This has led to a new generation of therapies in health and medicine; sustainable consumer-focused products in biotech industries; and novel strategies for the protection of fragile ecosystems.

Join the School of Biological Sciences by way of TFC Biology!

Semester One

TFCBIO: 91F Foundation Biology 1

This introduction to biological sciences emphasises organism diversity among the bacteria, plants, fungi and animals. We introduce the fundamentals of classification, ecology and evolution, and the study of a current topic in Biology is used to develop your research and critical thinking skills. Practical classes are both laboratory based and field based.


  • Coursework: 42%
  • Test: 18%
  • Final Exam: 40%


  • Lectures: Three one-hour lectures per week
  • Laboratories: One three-hour practical class per fortnight

Semester Two

TFCBIO 92F: Foundation Biology 2

Concepts introduced in TFCBIO 91F are further developed. We emphasise the structures and processes of living organisms at cellular and molecular levels. Cell biology, genetic principles and biochemistry are explored and further developed in a human biological context. Laboratories focus on developing your key practical skills.


  • Coursework: 36%
  • Test: 24%
  • Final Exam: 40%


  • Lectures: Three one-hour lectures per week
  • Laboratories: One three-hour practical class per fortnight