TFCCHEM 91F S1 Foundation Chemistry 1

This course introduces elements, compounds, the periodic table, atomic structure, covalent bonding, molecular shape and polarity. It explores quantitative chemistry, including balancing equations, calculating moles and particles present, calculation of concentration in moles per litre. Energy and thermo-chemistry are also included. Laboratories cover practical skills, qualitative analysis, and simple modelling.

TFCCHEM 92F Foundation Chemistry 2

This course is intended for students who have completed CHEM
91F. It introduces further principles of chemistry: physical chemistry and qualitative inorganic analysis, including, chemical kinetics and chemical equilibrium; organic chemistry, including hydrocarbons, oxygen-containing functional groups; isomerism and reaction classifications, acids, bases, buffer solutions and titrations.

Laboratory sessions explore reactions of hydrocarbons and oxygen-containing organic compounds, chromatography, testing for anions and cations in solution and acid-base titrations.