Mathematics for the Sciences

Lectures: Not applicable
Tutorials: Four 1-hour tutorials per week plus scheduled workshop
Laboratories: Not applicable
Course coordinator: Rachel Passmore
Teaching staff: Rachel Passmore

Students will be selected for Extension Mathematics in Semester One based on their Mathematics diagnostic test results and after discussion at interview. Entry in Semester Two will depend on results from Semester One.

You will need a calculator with scientific functions.


The course will begin with a unit on elementary skills, including an introduction to tutorials, an introduction to collaborative problem solving, and a review of calculator skills. Arithmetic skills will be revised in the context of number sets and their graphs, percentage calculations and the metric system. There will be an introduction to algebra, making use of skills in manipulation and equation solving in the context of problem solving.


The course includes functions, curve sketching, elementary calculus, trigonometric equations and graphs, co-ordinate geometry, and a more extensive study of algebra. This course is intended for students who have completed MATHS 93F.

Recommended reading

There is no prescribed textbook for this course. The tutor will provide texts and notes.For better-prepared students, this is an opportunity to study an extension course in Mathematics that assumes knowledge of some of the material described in MATHS 91F and 92F.

Assessment (Semester One)

Coursework: 100% (four assignments, four mastery tests, four collaborative problem solving tasks, one semester test, one final 2-hour test).

Assessment (Semester Two)

Coursework: 40% (four assignments, four mastery tests, four collaborative problem solving tasks, one semester test).
Final examination: 60% (2 hours)