Clinical Quality and Safety


The quality and safety of health care around the world has become of increasing concern in recent years, in light of spiralling health care costs and a greater knowledge of the extent of harm to patients undergoing treatment. The field of health care Quality and Safety is now a dynamic and interdisciplinary one that attempts to detect and remove hazards in health care systems, better understand the factors that lead to clinical errors, and introduce initiatives that reduce patient harm, increase health care quality and control costs.

Areas of study

Courses in clinical quality and safety are offered at the University of Auckland’s School of Medicine at the Grafton Campus. These courses, MEDICINE 700 Designing Safer Systems and MEDICINE 702 Understanding Complex Clinical Systems, incorporate theoretical and applied elements in human psychology, human factors, systems engineering and redesign, failure analysis and prevention, teamwork and communication, organisational culture, leadership in clinical change management, and quality monitoring and hazard mitigation.

You can study Clinical Quality and Safety in the following programmes:

Study outcomes

You will study health care systems, gain a better understanding of their complexity, how and why they sometimes go wrong, and what has been successful so far in improving care, reducing harm and controlling costs. You will learn methods for identifying causes of harm, approaches for redesigning aspects of health care systems, and analytical techniques for monitoring and detecting improvements in safety, teamwork and quality. Study in these areas takes place at the level of clinical practice as well as organisational and managerial levels of the clinical workplace.

Career Opportunities

The Master of Health Leadership in the specialisation Clinical Quality and Safety can lead to careers in health care management, clinical change management, health care equipment and process redesign, teamwork improvement, and the development of safer health care technologies.

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 The following courses are in this subject area:

POPLHLTH 724 Quality in Health Care

MEDICINE 700 Designing Safer Systems

MEDICINE 702 Understanding Complex Clinical Systems