Cook Islands Maori


Cook Islands Maori make up 22% of New Zealand’s Pacific population yet only 16% of Cook Islanders living in New Zealand say they are able to hold an everyday conversation in Cook Islands Maori. This subject will explore conversational Cook Islands Maori, Pacific world views, Pacific music and dance, amongst other courses.

Areas of study

You can study Cook Islands Maori as an elective course in the BA, or as part of a major/minor in Pacific Studies.

You can study Cook Islands Maori in the following programmes:

What you will learn

You will be given a basic grounding in conversational Cook Islands Maori language. You will gain insight into the second largest Pacific ethnic group in New Zealand and a deeper appreciation of the Cook Islands' heritage of song, dance, oratory, art and literature.

Career opportunities

Knowledge of a Pacific language could be useful for careers in education, the public service, social services and welfare, business, marketing, journalism, language teaching, interpreting and translation.

More information

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