Latin American Studies


Latin American Studies introduces you to the history, people and culture of Latin America, where both Spanish and Portuguese are widely spoken. You can study the film, music, history and popular culture of this diverse region. Latin American Studies ranges from First Nations to Latin American icons like Frida Kahlo and Che Guevara.

Areas of study

You can study topics ranging from First Nations and contemporary social movements to literature, film, music and cultural critique.

You can study Latin American Studies in the following programmes:

What you will learn

Your studies start with an introduction to Latin American civilisation beginning with the Spanish conquest, and courses in Spanish language. From there you can explore Latin American culture through a range of courses depending on your interests.

Career opportunities

An understanding of Latin America could be useful for a career in diplomacy, government service, NGOs, journalism, tourism and education, as well as in New Zealand companies which export to or invest in Latin America.

More information

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