Development Studies


Development Studies engages you in the critical issues of social change which are transforming global society. 

Our postgraduate programme in Development Studies provides a supportive environment for open, critical debate of leading development issues both in New Zealand and abroad. You can take both critical and applied approaches and design your own cross-disciplinary course of study.

Areas of study

Development Studies encompasses two scholarly traditions: theoretical and applied. The theoretical approach seeks to understand why and how societies, regions and communities change to improve quality of life. The more applied focus is on how governments, NGOs, international donors and other development agents can facilitate such change. Social analysis helps us to understand development policy and practice.

Development Studies also considers the distinction between those who see development as an outcome of complex social and political processes, and those who understand development as planned social change.

You can study Development Studies in the following programmes:

What you will learn

You will enhance your level of critical enquiry and debate of development issues through a variety of courses covering the theoretical and applied approaches to the discipline. You will achieve this through undertaking specialist courses covering education, gender and economics and development. In addition, the programme incorporates the strengths of a range of associated disciplines.

Career opportunities

A qualification in Development Studies can prepare you for employment in local, national and international organisations involved in development.

More information

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