Italian is an opportunity to study not only the language of Italy but also Italian culture and society.

Areas of study

We offer a complete range of postgraduate programmes in Italian. You can study with internationally renowned staff who specialise in key areas of Italian cultural studies.

Study and research opportunities reflect our teaching and research strengths: medieval and Renaissance studies; eighteenth-century Italian theatre; nineteenth-century Italian fiction; twentieth-century literature; Italian theatre and film; women’s studies; Italian popular culture.

We recommend an interdisciplinary approach, and encourage you to enrol in courses from other subjects, such as History or Comparative Literature.

You can study Italian in the following programmes:

What you will learn

In Italian language courses you can learn to speak, read and write Italian. You can study the language from beginners' to advanced levels. You can also study Italian literature and film, and medieval and Renaissance culture. But modern Italy is also important, and we examine contemporary Italian society and culture.

Career opportunities

Our graduates have found employment in translation and interpreting, diplomacy, journalism, tourism, importing and exporting, and government service. Recent PhD graduates are currently teaching at university level.

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