Gender-neutral toilets on campus

These facilities are available for trans and gender-diverse students and staff.

The Equity Office has been working with Property Services to increase the number of gender-neutral toilets, initially on City Campus.

This work reflects the University’s commitment to being safe, inclusive and equitable. It is also a response to consultation with Trans on Campus, an advocacy group for gender-diverse students and staff, which has identified issues with the number and location of appropriate toilets.

Because we are an inclusive University, we have all-gender, gender-specific and accessible toilets. Transgender and gender-diverse people are of course welcome to use the toilets of their choice.

The schedule of the latest toilet modifications will be updated as work is completed. 

Note, all toilets at Te Papa Ako o Tai Tonga South Auckland campus are gender-diverse.

The digital city campus maps denote all-gender toilets with three small stick figures. They can also be found by searching on "Unisex toilets". See wayfinding app.

Gender-neutral toilets on Epsom Campus

Building name Building number Floor Room number
 A Block  6EA  1  118
 C Block  6EC  G  G10B
 C Block  6EC  G  G10C