Email address registration and verification

When first registering your identity online with the University of Auckland you will be asked to provide your personal email address. This email address will allow us to provide you with services like password reset and helps us to identify you when you contact us.  If you change your email address please remember to update your record with the University.

Email registration

When you register your identity, you should use your personal email address as your username. Please do not use a shared email address such as or or a role-based address such as as your username.

If you don't have a personal email address, there are various email providers where you can easily obtain an account for yourself. Some popular alternatives include:

  • Internet Service Providers such as Vodafone, Orcon, or a Spark account can provide you with a personal email address without creating a new account. Some providers also allow an account holder to have multiple email address.
  • You can create a personal account with services offered by companies such as Google Mail, Yahoo! Mail, or Microsoft Outlook.

Please remember to set up your spam filtering to accept emails from the University of Auckland domain ( or

Email verification

Some of our services require us to verify that email address you have provided is one you have access to. If an email address needs to be verified you will receive an email from which will contain a link that is unique to your identity registration.

Click on the link contained within the email sent to you and a window will open in your internet browser confirming that your email validation was successful.

Once the validation is complete you can click back on the window that you were using to continue the registration process.

Updating your email address

If you stop using the email address you registered with at the University of Auckland and want to update your record you can login at any time and remove the email address if it is not verified in our system (if the email address is verified please call our Contact Centre on 0800 61 62 63 or +64 9 373 7999 from outside New Zealand for assistance). If you do remove your old email address you can later login using your username.  

If at any time you "abandon" the email address, you should update your records with the University of Auckland to ensure that if the email provider later reallocates it to another person, the new person will not receive information related to your records.

Need help?

For more information about the registration process, visit How to register with the University

If you need further assistance with the email validation process please contact us