Register using your RealMe verified identity

What is RealMe?

RealMe is an initiative from the New Zealand government and New Zealand Post to make doing things online easier and more secure. 

There are two main services, the first allows you to create a RealMe login and then use it to access lots of New Zealand sites and services.

The second service enables you to provide additional information, which is then verified by RealMe, and then safely and securely share these details with other organisations to prove who you are. It is this verified identity service which is used during the registration process with the University of Auckland.  

For more information about RealMe services please visit their site

What are the benefits of registering with a RealMe verified identity?

If you have a RealMe verified identity and select the option to 'Register with your RealMe identity' you will be redirected to the RealMe site where you can consent to the release of your identity information to the University of Auckland.

Some of the benefits of registering using this service may include:

  • The University receiving correct and verified information from the start. This can simplify the registration process as many of the fields will be automatically populated.
  • We might not need to ask you to provide the University with certified proof of your identity documentation because the information provided by RealMe is verified.

How do I check if I have a RealMe verified identity?

To check if you have a RealMe account and its status you will need to go to the RealMe website and login.

Note: There are two login options, 'My verified account' which takes you to your identity record and 'Manage my login'. If you choose the second option you can still check the status of your record by clicking on 'My verified account' at the top of the menu.

Example of a RealMe verified identity record

How to register using your RealMe verified identity

To complete the registration process using your RealMe verified identity please follow the steps below:

1. Select 'Register for a new account' if the site you have landed on has this option or click the register button below

2. In the next page select ‘RealMe identity’

3. You will be automatically redirected to the RealMe login page where you will need to sign in

4. After you have logged in a code will be sent to you by text message or Google Authenticator if you have set this up.  This code needs to be entered into RealMe's security check page.

5. The final RealMe step is to consent to the release of your details. 

We recommend that you review the information listed on this page and then either agree to share your details or cancel out of the process.

If you choose not to share your details you will need to register with the University using a different registration method.

6. Once you have agreed to share your details you will be automatically redirected back to the University's registration page where some of your RealMe information will be pre-populated into the page.

7. Please complete the rest of the fields on this page and select 'Register'. 

6. Once you have clicked on the Register button your details will be submitted and we will create a record.  The new identity record may also show additional information that RealMe has provided, for example gender or country of birth.  

Note: Depending on the system you are registering through, for example applying for admission to a programme or applying for a job, you may be asked to provide additional information.

For assistance with the registration process please contact us.