Strategic planning and policy

Strategic planning and policy-related information and documents.

University planning and reporting

A number of policies inform planning and accountability processes at the University of Auckland. Long-term planning is directed by the University’s Charter, Strategic Plan 2013-2020, and Long Term Capital Plan. Medium-term planning documents include the Investment Plan, Learning and Teaching Plan and Research Plans. Annual planning is carried out by faculties, service divisions, schools and departments.

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Faculties and service divisions

Annual plans are completed by deans, directors of Large-Scale Research Institutes and heads of major service divisions. The principal purpose of the Annual Plan is for faculties, service divisions and large-scale research institutes to show how the resources available to them have been prioritised to give effect to their own and relevant University strategic objectives.Information on the University's planning and budget process, including priorities and key dates is available to staff on the following page.

Planning for faculties and service divisions (University Staff only).