Student Email Policy


This policy is applicable to any student of the University whether located at the University or elsewhere, whether full time or part time.


The University provides a centrally managed official email service for all students. In addition students are able to forward emails to another address. This is a valuable service but can lead to problems if a student fails to maintain the forwarding link.

This policy records the responsibilities of all students with regard to accessing and reading official email communications sent to them by the University.


1. Email is an official and the primary means of communication with students.

2. All official email to a student will be sent to a student’s current University email address ( and the student is responsible for ensuring that any desired forwarding to other addresses is in place and operating correctly.

3. Official emails will be deemed to have been received by a student at the time they are delivered to the student’s current University email address.

4. Failure to read an official email does not exempt a student from their responsibility to comply with the message.


The following definitions apply to this document:

Official email includes, but is not limited to, communications regarding:

  • classes and lectures
  • examinations
  • assignments
  • informational notices such as notifications regarding the library and information commons services

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries.

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Owned by: Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
Prepared by: IT Risk and Strategy Manager
Approved by: The Vice-Chancellor
Date approved: January 2017
Review date: January 2022