Car Parking Policy


This policy applies to all University staff members.


The University has approximately 6000 staff members and 3000 available parks. Parking facilities are managed by Property Services on behalf of the University.

The car park permits for use of the University’s car parks are subject to the availability of spaces and staff members may need to go on a waiting list until a park becomes available.


To provide car park users with an understanding of the protocols for use of University parking facilities and will assist in the management of those parking facilities.


1. Vehicles parked in University car parks must display a valid permit at all times, with the exception of OGGB.

2. The OGGB carpark has provision for visitor and casual parking subject to the prevailing terms and conditions.

3. Students or staff members using the OGGB for casual parking are required to pay the current applicable fee.

4. The terms and conditions of parking are posted at at entrances to all University parking facilities and will be enforced.

5. By entering University parking facilities these conditions are agreed to by car park users.

6. The conditions are printed in full in the Car Parking Terms and Conditions.


The following definitions apply to this document:

Car park includes any designated parking area within the premises.

Car park permit is an authorisation which allows the holder to park in either a covered, uncovered or reserved parking space, as specified on the permit, according to the conditions under which it is issued. It must be displayed at all times.

  • Staff Permit - provided to staff to allow them parking in designated spaces or areas
  • Departmental Permit – provided to Department to allow them to directly control specified parking
  • Contractor Permit – for term of up to 3 months to cover period of on-site work
  • Service Provider Permit – for term of up to1 year to cover duration of contracted service
  • Visitor Permit – provided to special visitors including where Department make special case for visiting staff

Premises are the buildings, grounds, driveways, parking areas and surrounds within the University’s boundaries or premises under lease by the University.

Staff member refers to an individual employed by the University on a full-time or part-time basis. This includes permanent and fixed term or casual staff members.

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries.

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