Work on Buildings and Services Policy


Instances in which the health and safety of staff and contractors, or the University's insurance cover, are jeopardised by instances of dangerous alterations to services and by building alterations without the necessary planning consents or, in the case of leased buildings, without the consent of the building owner have the potential to place our staff at risk and could void our insurance policies.


This policy applies to all University staff.


This document describes policies regarding the commission and oversight of building construction and services work on University owned and leased buildings. The policy clarifies for managers and staff the role of Property Services and the risks associated with failing to engage with them on such matters.


1. All building construction and services work on all University owned and leased buildings other than work carried out by landlords of leased buildings must be authorised and managed by Property Services.

2. Where such work is not performed by Property Services staff it must be carried out by contractors who are approved by Property Services and who have undertaken the University of Auckland contractor induction course.

3. Property Services is responsible for approving and monitoring all such work and maintaining the necessary records, as well as ensuring compliance with the University's legal, health and safety responsibilities.

4. Property Services are committed to dealing promptly and efficiently with building work requests and communicating effectively with the staff and students involved.


The following definitions apply to this document:

Staff includes all people employed by the University whether permanent, temporary or part time.

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries.

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Date approved: July 2014
Review Date: June 2019