Staff Research Misconduct Policy


Academic and Professional staff of The University of Auckland.

Non University staff, such as honorary, emeritus or visiting academics who are undertaking research at the University.

Individual with legitimate concerns related to alleged misconduct in research by University of Auckland staff.

Note that policy and procedures related to student misconduct are in the Student Academic Conduct Statute.

If an employee is both a staff member and a student, then the case will first be considered under this policy, and the processes in and provisions of this policy will be applied. The case will then be considered under the Student Academic Conduct Statute, and the processes in and provisions of that Statute will be applied.


This policy seeks to ensure that researchers at the University of Auckland maintain the highest standards of professional conduct when undertaking and supervising research. Under the Education Act 1989, academic staff are given academic freedom to undertake research, but this academic freedom is predicated on the need to maintain the highest ethical standards; the need to permit public scrutiny to ensure maintenance of those standards; and the need for accountability and the proper use of resources.


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Prepared by: Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
Owned by: Vice-Chancellor
Approved by: Staff Advisory Committee
Approval date: June 2012
Last reviewed: 2011
Review date: June 2017