Doctoral Supervisor Accreditation Policy and Procedures (2011 PhD Statute)


All staff members who are currently supervising doctoral candidates at the University who are registered under the 2011 PhD Statute.


To outline the requirements for becoming an accredited supervisor of a doctoral candidate.


University staff must have accreditation in order to supervise doctoral candidates. The requirements for this accreditation are outlined below. These requirements apply to all University staff, but are not necessarily applicable to external co-supervisors who are not staff members of the University.


  • Policy
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    • All supervisors
    • Doctoral supervisors
    • Staff members new to supervision


1. All staff engaged after 1 February 2001 must complete the CLeaR seminar Orientation to Doctoral Education Policy and Process “ORIDOC” within the initial four year term of employment or prior to supervising postgraduate students – see HR Continuation Policy.


All supervisors

2. To gain and maintain accreditation, all supervisors must:

  • attend ORIDOC or a Dean of Graduate Studies’ doctoral briefing at least once every five years
  • be employed in an academic staff position where the employment agreement includes a requirement that they undertake research
  • be research active

Doctoral supervisors

3. Doctoral supervisors must additionally be in permanent employment with the University, or contracted by the University for sufficient time to see a candidate through to completion.

4. Doctoral supervisors who are main supervisors:

  • must have supervised a doctoral candidate through to completion as a co-supervisor at the University or as a main supervisor at another university
  • will normally hold a doctoral degree or equivalent

Staff members new to supervision

5. Staff who are new to doctoral or masters supervision must also attend the CLeaR workshop The Art of Graduate Research Supervision.

Note: It is recommended that an academic new to supervision is mentored by a senior colleague experienced in supervision, or that they co-supervise with a more experienced colleague before undertaking the role as sole supervisor of a masters candidate.


The following definitions apply to this document:

Doctoral candidates are students enrolled in a doctoral degree at the University.

Main supervisor is the lead supervisor who takes overall responsibility for the supervision of a candidate and for assistance in the provision of research resources.

Staff member refers to an individual employed on a full or part-time basis at the University.

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries.

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