Marketing, Advertising and Publishing Guidelines


All staff of the University involved with marketing, advertising or with publishing publicly accessible print and online publications.


These guidelines provide further explanation and guidance for implementing the Marketing, Advertising and Publishing Policy.


  • Approved designers
  • Logos
  • Photos, images and resources
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Style guide
  • Writing guide


Approved designers

  • All on-campus design work must be undertaken by accredited University designers comprising the design team within the University Marketing team and approved graphic designers located in faculties
  • Accredited University designers must participate in ongoing style guide workshops
  • All outsourced design work must either go through the University’s creative agency or to an approved outsource designer as listed on the media and marketing pages of the intranet
  • Approved designers can only be assigned by the Associate Director, Marketing


The University logo is an important and valuable symbol and is the central tenet of the University’s visual identity. Use of the logo must comply with the standards outlined in the Style Guide to ensure that the University’s identity is prominently and consistently applied, building long-term recognition, prestige and value.

Photos, images and resources

Photographs for use in print and online publications can be sourced from the University image library.

Note - Image copyright and terms and conditions of use must be adhered to.

The Media and Marketing section of the Intranet also includes other useful information and resources such as templates for PowerPoint use, templates for design briefs, publication sign off, photo shoot briefs and other work requests

Roles and responsibilities

Marketing content publisher is a person nominated by each faculty and service division to be responsible for authorising all publications (print and online) for the faculty or service division subject to this policy

Content editor (web) is the role is to write/edit/upload and maintain web content (in keeping with the Style Guide and Writing Guide for Print and Web Publications). Once the content is written, this will be forwarded to a Content Publisher for approval.

The Associate Director, Marketing will assign approved designers

Style guide

The University’s Style Guide outlines information on the use of the logo, approved fonts, written and visual style and style of photography and other such materials. Refer to the Staff Intranet/Central Services/Media and Marketing/Writing and style guides

Writing guide

The writing style and tone to be used with all print and online publications is outlined in the Writing Guide for Print and Web Publications (Writing Guide). Refer to the Staff Intranet/Central Services/Media and Marketing/Writing and style guides  


The following definitions apply to this document:

Accredited University designer is a University staff member with appropriate design qualifications (and normally at least 50% engaged in design activities) who has been nominated by the University Marketing Manager and the respective dean/director and attends the annual style guide training.

Approved designers are accredited University designers or outsource providers who are appropriately qualified, have attended a style guide workshop and who continue to provide work of a good standard that has been approved by the University Marketing Manager. All approved designers must attend the annual style guide training.

Publication is the printing and distribution of information which is publicly available and represents the University of Auckland, its programmes of study, capabilities, activities or interests, whether on the University’s website or in physical printed form.

Staff member refers to an individual employed by the University on a full time or part time basis.

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries.

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