Board of Graduate Studies

Terms of reference

  • To establish and review the University’s doctoral policies
  • To monitor and report on the University’s doctoral programmes
  • To oversee the provision and review of services and support for doctoral candidates and supervisors
  • To review and make recommendations to Senate on all proposals for new doctoral programmes and subjects, and on major changes to existing doctorates
  • To act on matters relating to the establishment of postgraduate Scholarships, Prizes and Awards as required by Scholarships Committee
  • To recommend on the Vice-Chancellor’s Prize for Best Doctoral Thesis


  • Dean of Graduate Studies – Chair
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) or nominee
  • Deputy Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Manager Graduate Studies
  • Faculty and LSRI Associate Deans (Postgraduate) or equivalent
  • Two professors elected by the professoriate
  • Two sub-professorial staff members elected by sub-professorial staff
  • Two representatives of postgraduate students nominated by the Postgraduate Students' Association

The Board of Graduate Studies reports to Senate.

Members and term of office

Dean of Graduate Studies Holds office until
Associate Professor C Daley - Chair Ex-officio
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)  or nominee
Holds office until
Professor J Morrow
Deputy Dean of Graduate Studies
Holds office until
Dr J Cronin
Manager Graduate Studies
Holds office until
Dr H Ross
Faculty LSRI Associate Deans (Postgraduate) or equivalent
Holds office until
Associate Professor L Bailey, Arts
Associate Director A Clark, Auckland Bioengineering Institute  Ex-officio
Associate Professor M Benson-Rea, Business and Economics Ex-officio
Associate Professor N November, Creative Arts and Industries
Professor G Brown, Education and Social Work Ex-officio
Dr R Clarke, Engineering Ex-officio
Associate Professor C Noonan, Law Ex-officio
Associate Director J Perry, Liggins Institute Ex-officio
Professor T Sherwin, Medical and Health Sciences Ex-officio
Associate Professor V Kirk, Science   Ex-officio
Two Professors Elected by the Professoriate
Holds office until
Professor T McIntosh
Professor T ter Elst 31.01.22
Two Sub-Professorial Staff Members Elected by Sub-Professorial Staff
Holds office until
Associate Professor M Jones
Dr E Cochrane 31.01.22
Two Representatives of Postgraduate Students Nominated by the Postgraduate Students' Association
Holds office until
Miss S Kanakiya
Mr Z Roberts 31.05.19
In Attendance
Holds office until
Mr S Maguire  
Ms J Browne  

Committee Secretary

Ms S Dickerson
Phone: +64 9 923 3778 ext 83778

Schedule of meetings

Date Time
18.02.19 9.00am
25.03.19 9.00am
20.05.19 9.00am
22.07.19 9.00am
16.09.19 9.00am
04.11.19 9.00am