Provost, Deans & Directors Committee

Terms of Reference

  • The Provost, Deans & Directors Committee (PDDC) reviews implementation of strategic items against faculty and large scale research institute (LSRI) plans and priorities and University targets.
  • The PDDC receives information from and informs members of the executive on operational matters as they arise or as part of the organisational planning and review cycle.
  • The PDDC coordinates and shares information between deans and directors to better facilitate the implementation of strategic priorities.
  • The PDDC assists the coordinated execution of priorities against faculty plans.
  • The PDDC receives information on and provides advice on the implementation of institutional projects, policies and other initiatives, with particular reference to impacts on the academic business of the University.
  • The PDDC provides advice to the Provost (and to the Vice-Chancellor as appropriate) on matters relating to the management of the academic units and the implementation of the strategic plan.


Provost (Chair)
Faculty deans
Directors large-scale research institutes
Dean of Graduate Studies

Committee members and term of office

Provost    Holds office until
Professor V Linton Ex-officio
Vice-Chancellor Holds office until
Professor D Freshwater Ex-officio
Dean of Arts Holds office until
Professor R Greenberg Ex-officio
Dean of Business & Economics Holds office until
Professor S Watson Ex-officio
Dean of Creative Arts & Industries Holds office until
Professor N Gregory Ex-officio
Dean of Education & Social Work Holds office until
Associate Professor M Barrow Ex-officio
Dean of Engineering Holds office until
Professor G Rowe   Ex-officio
Dean of Law Holds office until
Professor P Mathew Ex-officio
Dean of Medical & Health Sciences Holds office until
Professor J Fraser Ex-officio
Dean of Science Holds office until
Professor J Hosking Ex-officio
Director, Liggins Institute Holds office until
Professor J O'Sullivan Ex-officio
Director, Auckland Bioengineering Institute Holds office until
Professor M Tawhai Ex-officio
Dean of Graduate Studies Holds office until
Professor C Daley Ex-officio

Schedule of meetings

Date Time
14 & 28 February 2023 9am
14 & 28 March 2023
12 & 26 April 2023 9am
9 & 23 May 2023
6 & 20 June 2023 9am
4 & 18 July 2023 9am
1, 15 & 29 August 2023 9am
12 & 26 September 2023 9am
10 & 24 October 2023 9am
7 & 21 November 2023 9am
05 December 2023 9am

Agenda items are due with the committee secretary one week before the meeting date.

Committee Secretary
S Hamulic
Mobile: 027 274 8639