Provost, Deans and Directors Committee

Terms of Reference

  • The Provost, Deans and Directors Committee (PDDC) reviews implementation of strategic items against faculty and large scale research institute (LSRI) plans and priorities and University targets.
  • The PDDC receives information from and informs members of the executive on operational matters as they arise or as part of the organisational planning and review cycle.
  • The PDDC coordinates and shares information between deans and directors to better facilitate the implementation of strategic priorities.
  • The PDDC assists the coordinated execution of priorities against faculty plans.
  • The PDDC receives information on and provides advice on the implementation of institutional projects, policies and other initiatives, with particular reference to impacts on the academic business of the University.
  • The PDDC provides advice to the Provost (and to the Vice-Chancellor as appropriate) on matters relating to the management of the academic units and the implementation of the strategic plan.


Provost (Chair)
Faculty deans
Directors large-scale research institutes
Dean of Graduate Studies

Committee members and term of office

Provost    Holds office until
Professor V Linton Ex-officio
Vice-Chancellor Holds office until
Professor D Freshwater Ex-officio
Dean of Arts Holds office until
Professor R Greenberg Ex-officio
Dean of Business & Economics Holds office until
Professor S Watson Ex-officio
Dean of Creative Arts & Industries Holds office until
Professor N Gregory Ex-officio
Dean of Education & Social Work Holds office until
Professor M Barrow Ex-officio
Dean of Engineering Holds office until
Associate Professor R Clarke Ex-officio
Dean of Law Holds office until
Professor W Swain Ex-officio
Dean of Medical & Health Sciences Holds office until
Professor W Bagg
Dean of Science Holds office until
Professor J Hosking Ex-officio
Director, Liggins Institute Holds office until
Professor J O'Sullivan Ex-officio
Director, Auckland Bioengineering Institute Holds office until
Professor M Tawhai Ex-officio
Dean of Graduate Studies Holds office until
Professor C Daley Ex-officio

Schedule of meetings

Agenda items are due to the committee secretary one week before the meeting date.

Date Time
13 and 27 February 2024 9am
12 and 26 March 2024 9am
10 and 24 April 2024 9am
7 and 21 May 2024 9am
4 and 18 June 2024 9am
2, 16 and 30 July 2024 9am
13 and 27 August 2024 9am
10 and 24 September 2024 9am
8 and 22 October 2024 9am
5 and 19 November 2024 9am
3 and 17 December 2024 9am

Committee secretary

S Hamulic
Mobile: 027 274 8639