Scholarship Committee

Terms of Reference

  • To make recommendations to Education Committee and the Board of Graduate Studies on policy relating to scholarships, prizes and awards.
  •  To advise and assist in the preparation of regulations for new scholarships, prizes and awards.
  • To recommend the awarding of such scholarships, prizes and awards as may be entrusted to it
  • To rank applications and make recommendations to outside bodies for scholarships and awards.
  • To award extensions to University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarships and other eligible doctoral scholarships.


  • Two members of Education Committee nominated by the Chair, following consultation with Education Committee
  • The Chair of the Board of Graduate Studies (or nominee) and, following consultation with the Board of Graduate Studies, one other member of the Board of Graduate Studies.
  • The Manager, Scholarships Office.
  • The Chair of Education Committee and the Chair of the Scholarships Committee may jointly nominate up to 2 additional co-opted members to provide a balance of skills and/or experience.

Members of the Scholarships Committee nominate the Committee’s Chair, subject to Education Committee’s approval. Excluding ex-officio members (Chair of the Board of Graduate Studies (or nominee) and the Manager of the Scholarships Office), members of the Scholarships Committee shall serve for a term not exceeding three years, unless sooner resigning as a member, and shall be eligible to serve for one further term not exceeding three years.

The Scholarships Committee reports to Education Committee, which in turn reports to Senate.