Call for elections for members on Council

At this time all positions are filled.

Elections  for one permanent member of academic staff elected by the permanent members of that staff, one permanent member of the professional staff elected by the permanent members of that staff and one enrolled student elected by the students of the University will be conducted in accordance with the Council Appointments Statute, Elections Procedures and Council Appointment Procedures.

For the purposes of the Council Appointments Statute, permanent means a member of academic or professional staff who is employed on an employment agreement with a duration of 12 months or more as at the date of eligibility determination.

Academic staff includes persons employed as a professor, associate dean, associate professor, senior lecturer, lecturer, senior tutor, tutor, professional teaching fellow, senior research fellow or research fellow, and such other positions as may from time to time be designated ‘academic staff’ by the Vice-Chancellor.

Professional staff includes  persons employed in administrative, technical and library positions, and such other positions as may from time to time be designated ‘professional staff’ by the Vice-Chancellor.

Student means enrolled students of the University.

Timeline for staff member elections

(Note, dates will be specified when an election is underway)

  • All eligible staff members receive emails with a notice of election and notice of candidacy form
  • Completed notices of candidacy together with a candidacy statement (maximum 500 words) in a Word document are emailed to
  • The candidate's statement submitted with the candidacy notice is to address how the candidate considers they meet the skills and experiences sought for this position on Council and must not exceed 500 words.
  • Elections, should they be necessary, will take place by means of electronic voting via Qualtrics. Details and voting instructions will be supplied to eligible voters by email to a address, when voting opens.