Te Rautaki Tūāpapa | Estate Strategy 2021-2030

Te Rautaki Tūāpapa provides us with the framework to develop a sustainable estate to help meet the University's needs for the future.

Te Rautaki Tūāpapa is our inaugural estate strategy, and provides a cohesive, future-focussed and coordinated approach to investment in, and management of, our physical environment throughout the University estate.

The estate comprises; our campuses, research reserves, buildings, interstitial spaces, and outdoor environments.

Taumata Teitei – Vision 2030 and Strategic Plan 2025, provides the starting point for Te Rautaki Tūāpapa. The estate strategy is a key enabler for the transformational initiatives of Taumata Teitei, all of which use, and depend upon, the resources of the physical estate. The estate strategy will shape the future physical environment for learning, teaching, socialising, collaboration, engagement, and research.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the creation of Te Rautaki Tūāpapa. We are proud to present our inaugural estate strategy.