UniNews 2023

The cover of November UniNews, featuring Olaf Diegel.

Inside this issue of UniNews: Professor Olaf Diegel; Professor David Williams' scientific life; Obituaries Don Smith and Dame Alison Quentin-Baxter.

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The cover of October UniNews, featuring Merryn Tawhai.

Inside this issue of UniNews: Professor Merryn Tawhai; B201 opened; great graduation stories; student engineers flying; Diane Brand on the Chip Packet Project.

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The cover of September UniNews, featuring Waiora Port.

Inside this issue of UniNews: Dr Waiora Port, Kaiārahi profiles, bFM vinyl sale, Epsom art trail, Ilan Oshri opinion.

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The cover of August UniNews, featuring Kevin Trenberth.

Inside this issue of UniNews: Kevin Trenberth, med student Thomas Swinburn, Annie Goldson's new film, Paula Morris, Karly Burch opinion, Jim Allen obit.

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The cover of July UniNews, featuring Dan Hikuroa.

Inside this issue of UniNews: Dan Hikuroa, Klaus Bosselmann, Carrie Rudzinski, and Sam Mitchell's artworks.

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The cover of June UniNews, featuring Priyanka Dhopade.

Inside this issue of UniNews: Priyanka Dhopade, Grant Searchfield, Morag Atchison, Peter Adams, Ron Te Kawa's artwork and more.

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The cover of May UniNews, featuring Nuala Gregory

Inside this issue: Nuala Gregory, Peng Du, Carolina Panico, Simon Holdaway, Writers Fesitival, Hiria Anderson artworks and more.

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The cover of April UniNews, featuring Margaret Brimble

Inside this issue: Dame Margaret Brimble, Lisa Finucane, Jason Fell, Peter O'Connor and Claudia Rozas Gómez, Alex Sims, and more.

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Inside this issue: Student leaders Alan Shaker and Hala Barakat, Felicity Goodyear-Smith, Jeremy Salmond and Stuart McCutcheon obituaries, and more.

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