Mature Age Staff - Information for Employees

Managing your finances

Get Sorted

The Get Sorted website is a highly regarded independent money guide which provides a range of information and calculators to assist you in tracking your money, retirement planning, dealing with debt and investing amongst other topics.

Career, financial and retirement planning seminars

The University runs career and financial planning seminars to assist staff of all ages to plan for their career and retirement needs. Staff are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities. Contact Professional and Organisational Development.

Superannuation and KiwiSaver

Unisaver is a registered superannuation scheme that is available to all permanent staff and to employees on fixed term employment agreements (which still have two or more years to run at the time the staff members applies to join).

Staff are encouraged to seek advice directly from their superannuation provider as to the impact of any potentially agreed changes to their employment arrangements as they approach retirement. Before changing any conditions to your employment such as moving to phased retirement, check with your Superannuation provider as there may be some conditions or restrictions to doing this. Relevant unions may also be able to provide information or advice.

KiwiSaver is a voluntary, work based savings scheme that was the initiative of the government and to which the employer contributes.

It is never too late to join either of these schemes. For more information see Super & KiwiSaver.


Staff who belong to KiwiSaver are almost certainly owning New Zealand, Australian and perhaps some other shares. To learn more about investing, the NZ Shareholders Association offers night classes for beginners and some private providers run general investing or women's wealth seminars.

For any investment advice, consulting an accredited Financial Advisor may be worthwhile. A list of Authorised Financial Advisers is on the Financial Markets Authority website at Financial Advisors.

Your bank will also have an investment advisor you could talk to.

Sending your savings

Annuity products, equity release products etc. The University’s Retirement Policy and Research Centre has run some forums on spending retirement savings. Presentations and videos from the seminars are available at Decumulating Retirement Savings - Making Options Work.

Claiming overseas pensions

To determine if you are eligible for a pension from another country you should enquire and register your claim at least four months before you reach the qualifying pension age.

  • To find out about claiming a UK pension from abroad see UK Pensions
  • To find out about claiming an Australian pension from abroad see Australian Pensions

Reitrement Policy and Research Centre (RPRC)

The Business School’s RPRC undertakes research projects in areas such as pension portability, decumulation for retirement savings and KiwiSaver.