Winter Lecture 1 - Worlding Aotearoa-New Zealand: migration and the making of national futures Event as iCalendar

02 August 2017

1 - 2pm

Venue: Conference Centre Lecture Theatre

Location: Room 423-342, Symonds Street entrance level, 22 Symonds Street

Host: School of Environment

Cost: Free

Speakers: Dr Francis Collins and Associate Professor Ward Friesen, School of Environment, University of Auckland

Over the last three decades Aotearoa-New Zealand’s engagement with the world has been shaped by marked shifts in political and economic settings, as part of a longer-term reorientation from Europe towards the Pacific and Asia and by the changing contours of migration and mobility across these shores.

Migration is a form of what we call worlding, a process that is not simply an outcome of globalisation but rather involves an active assembly of altered demography, social relations and cultural exchange.

In this lecture we trace the worlding of Aotearoa-New Zealand that has been generated through migration policy shifts and their connection to changing political climate and sense of identity and belonging.  The lecture comprises three themes:

  1. New Zealand’s shift to Asia-facing and the notion that its future is in the Asia-Pacific region,
  2. the increased policy emphasis and incidence of temporary and circular mobility, and
  3. migration outcomes, especially diversification, resulting from a range of mobility types including permanent residence, temporary student and work mobility, and the increasing significance of refugees and asylum seekers.


The Winter Lecture series:

This lecture is the first in a series of six lectures on consecutive Wednesdays - Nation Transformed: the place of migration in 21st century Aotearoa-New Zealand

Contact: Dr Francis Collins or Dr Ward Friesen

Nation Transformed: the place of migration in 21st century Aotearoa-New Zealand. Background image is a cityscape of Auckland, looking out towards the harbor. It spans from Herne Bay on the left to the Sky Tower on the right. The motorway interchange with streaks of car lights, and adjacent walkway is in foreground, towards the right..