General admission information

Studying at The University of Auckland is an exciting prospect for all prospective students. For our intending Pacific students, we support you throughout your academic career from entry through to graduation.

The admission process

To get entry into the University, you will need to meet two requirements;

  1. You need to meet the requirements to get into University (“University Entrance”); and
  2. You need faculty approval for the programme you wish to study.

Faculty admissions will depend on the programme you are applying for. Some programmes will give you guaranteed entry if you have University Entrance, the required minimum rank score and have met any other requirements the faculty may have (eg, portfolio submission or additional application form etc).

For Pacific students who have University Entrance but do not meet the rank score requirements for their programme(s) of choice, you may still be able to study your preferred programme.

The University is committed to helping Pacific students into tertiary education. Our targeted admission scheme may help you get into a university programme depending on your rank score. If you get in under the revised criteria, we will support you throughout your qualification to make sure you have the environment you need to succeed at the University.

The targeted admission scheme sets aside a number of places specifically for those that have University Entrance but may not meet other programme-specific criteria. The number of places set aside will depend on the programme. Each faculty has an adviser who is able to guide you through the application process and answer any queries you may have.

For contact information or for more information about the targeted admission scheme, you can download Pacific – Information for Pacific students (link below), and check out Information for Students on the Equity at the University section of the website.

For some programmes, there are entry schemes meant to encourage Pacific students into those fields of study.

Māori and Pacific Targeted Entry Scheme - Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering actively encourages applications from Pacific students. To be considered for the entry scheme, applicants will need to complete the MAPTES application form in addition to the normal application process.

Get more information about MAPTES admissions.

Māori and Pacific Admission Scheme (MAPAS) - Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences

For those wanting to study Medicine, Health Sciences, Pharmacy or Nursing, the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences have an admission scheme for Pacific students. As with Engineering, applicants will need to submit application forms in addition to the normal application process.

Read more about the Māori and Pacific Admission Scheme (MAPAS).