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  • Advancing artificial intelligence

    Inspired by the potential for artificial intelligence Dr Mark Sagar now heads research in this area at the University of Auckland's Bioengineering Institute.

  • Archaeology is Amazing

    Professor Simon Holdaway leads a team on Mercury Island excavating the remains of human settlement.

  • Going Green

    The University has made significant strides in using energy, water and paper more efficiently.

  • Gotta have new skin

    University of Auckland scientists should soon be able to grow new skin, faster and tougher than ever before. It could revolutionise ways of treating burn victims and boost their chances of survival.

  • High-tech agriculture

    University of Auckland's Photon Factory have come up with a simple method for farmers to choose the sex of their animals.

  • How does pain really work?

    A pharmacy of natural chemicals dampens the initial pain of a broken finger but when the shock wears off and the hurt kicks in, Dr Michelle Dickinson is thankful that medical science can come to the rescue.

  • Light is Amazing

    As New Zealand’s pre-eminent research-led institution, our passion is to make a difference to our society, and the world.

  • Looking Into the Eyes for Alzheimer's Disease

    PhD student Lily Chang explains how senses, including vision, might be an early indication of Alzheimer’s disease on RadioNZ's Our Changing World.

  • Top Teacher: Cather Simpson

    The National Tertiary Teaching Excellence Awards recognise and celebrate New Zealand’s finest tertiary teachers.

  • Nature's medicines

    Professor Margaret Brimble is a modern-day alchemist and a trailblazer for women in science. Read how she uses natural resources all in the name of science.

  • The Power of Food

    Meet our Professor of Nutrition, David Cameron-Smith.

  • The power of water

    Little preamble: Social anthropologist Dr Marama Muru Lanning speaks about her connections with the Waikato River and her study of rights and interests in the river.