NZ’s criminal costs: should prisons be abolished?

30 October 2017
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Every year, New Zealand spends $1.2 billion on prisons, a bigger amount than that set aside for Early Childhood Education. 

This year, it will total $2.5 billion, with the building of a new Corrections facility at Waikeria Prison underway.

The facility, expected to house 1500 prisoners, is being built in anticipation of our burgeoning prison population - which surpassed 9900 last year.

University of Auckland sociologist Professor Tracey McIntosh, whose area of interest is women in prison, believes New Zealand is funding a broken system.

In an interview with Newsroom, McIntosh outlines how redirecting spending from prisons to things like education, housing and economic development is the best way forward.

Watch the interview on Newsroom.

Professor Tracey McIntosh is Head of School of Te Wānanga o Waipapa - the School of Māori Studies and Pacific Studies. Her research focuses on religion, death and dying, and crime and extreme marginalisation.

Used with permission from NewsroomNZ’s criminal costs: should prisons be abolished? published on Monday 30 October 2017.