Academic Development and Performance Review Policy


This policy applies to all permanent and fixed-term academic staff members who are employed for more than 0.2 FTE


The purpose of the academic development and performance review is to ensure that academic staff members have regular engagement with their academic head, or delegate, and appropriate support so that their career can progress in a manner that meets both their own professional objectives and the strategic objectives of the University


  1. Every staff member on a full-time or part-time, permanent or fixed term appointment  employed for more than 0.2 will meet regularly with their academic head or the head’s delegate to discuss their development and performance (Academic Development and Performance Review)
  2. Staff members on agreements of 0.2 or less may have an annual development and performance review with the agreement of their academic head
  3. Staff members will have an Academic Development and Performance Review (ADPR) at least annually
  4. Staff members and their academic head, or delegate, will agree objectives for the next one to three years.  These objectives will be reviewed at each ADPR
  5. Staff members will be provided with constructive feedback on their future development and past performance
  6. Where performance is not deemed to be satisfactory, the staff member will be provided with appropriate feedback and the opportunity to improve as part of this process.  Should performance continue to be deemed unsatisfactory it will be discussed outside of this process
  7. Staff members who are eligible for a salary increase as part of the annual salary review process for professors, associate professors and professional teaching fellows (Level 4) must have their performance reviewed in the three months prior to the salary review process commencing
  8. Academic heads and their delegates shall undertake designated development activities to enable them to conduct effective development and performance reviews
  9. Academic heads may not delegate the ADPR for pre-continuation staff
  10. Where the academic head appoints a delegate, the delegate will discuss the outcome of the review with the academic head
  11. Where the academic head is not conducting the ADPR for research fellows or senior research fellows employed on research grants, the academic head must carefully consider whether the principal investigator should be the delegate


The following definitions apply to this policy

Academic head covers heads of departments, schools and other teaching and research units at Level 3 (and Level 4 for FMHS) in the University Organisation Structure

Staff member refers to an individual employed by the University on a full or part time basis 

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries

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Review Date: 01 September 2019