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Education Committee

Terms of reference

  • To advise and recommend to Senate on academic policy developments
  • To advise and recommend on policy and regulations relating to:
    • University entrance
    • Recruitment admission and enrolment
    • Limitations and selection criteria
    • Discipline
    • Other matters of an academic nature
  • To recommend on and oversee Departmental and Programme Reviews
  • To advise and recommend on academic matters relating to distance education
  • To recommend on public lecture series
  • To recommend on academic appointments to outside bodies
  • To oversee academic audit processes
  • To receive reports from Inter-Faculty Boards of Study
  • To advise on academic relationships with other institutions
  • To consider and recommend New Scholarship and Award Regulations received through the Scholarships Sub-Committee


The following sub-committees report to the Education Committee:


  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) - Chair
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor (Equity)
  • Pro-Vice Chancellor (Māori)
  • Dean of each Faculty or nominee
  • Director, Academic Services
  • Two professorial members elected by the professoriate
  • Two sub-professorial staff elected by sub-professorial staff
  • President Auckland University Students Association or nominee

Education Committee reports to Senate.

Committee members and term of office

Members Holds office until
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
Professor J Morrow- Chair Ex-officio
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Equity)
Ms T McNaughton Ex-officio
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Māori)
Mr J Peters Ex-officio
Dean of each Faculty or nominee
Dr Lindsay Diggelmann (01.02.17 - 28.04.17)                    Associate Professor G Booth (01.05.17 to 30.12.17) (nominee), Arts
Mrs S Laurenson (nominee), Business and Economics Ex-officio
Associate Professor D Lines (nominee), Creative Arts and Industries Ex-officio
Dr W Smith (nominee), Education and Social Work Ex-officio
Associate Professor G Rowe (nominee), Engineering Ex-officio
Professor A Stockley (Professor W Swain alternate), Law Ex-officio
Associate Professor M Barrow (nominee), Medical and Health Sciences Ex-officio
Associate Professor D McGillivray (nominee) Ex-officio
Director, Academic Services or Nominee
Ms J Browne  Ex-officio
Two Professorial Members Elected by the Professoriate
Professor G Lewis 31.01.18 
Two Sub-Professorial Staff Elected by Sub-Professorial Staff
Dr B Staniforth 31.01.18
Dr Sean Sturm 31.01.19
President Auckland University Student Association or nominee
Ms J Palairet 31.12.17
Committee Secretary
Wendy Verschaeren
Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 85782


Schedule of meetings

Date Time
08.02.17 9.00 am
13.03.17 9.00 am
15.05.17 9.00 am
10.07.17 9.00 am
11.09.17 9.00 am
13.11.17 9.00 am
No meeting in December