Ingenio issues

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Ingenio covers with a diver diving off the Marine Researc vessel
Cover of Ingenio Spring 2022 about youth mental health, with a cartoon of someone sitting in a hole with a ladder in front of them, leading to an opening through which can be seen the sun and blue sky
Cover of Ingenio Autumn 2022 about education post covid showing two overlapping heads in profile, looking away from each other out to circular photos floating around them (little subject-based worlds)
Cover of Spring 2021 Ingenio, with a grassy background and the outline of a car with a plus and minus in place of the headlights: Lead article, Electric Vehicles: Pros and cons
Cover of Ingenio Autumn 2021, a gold heart shaped maze diagram, with a red heartbeat overlaid across it
Ingenio Spring 2020 cover: Black and white close-up photo of a sand speckled (gritty) face, from above eyebrow to just below the eye, with their eye in colour, iris blue: All eyes on climate change, focusing on the science
Ingenio Winter 2020, cover pictures a dandelion with seeds starting to blow away: Grasping challenges, a land of opportunity in a Covid-19 world

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