Ingenio Autumn 2021

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Focus on tackling heart disease; fighting kauri dieback; Kiwis returning home because of Covid-19; 7 tips to get exercise easily; Charlotte Grimshaw's memoir.

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Collaboration between communities and clinicians is vital for the cardiovascular research at Manaaki Mānawa. Donna Chisholm finds out where the needs lie.

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Progress is being made in the fight against kauri dieback thanks to donor funding of university research.

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Some of our brightest minds brought their knowledge and experience home when Covid-19 hit. Will they stay?

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Three University of Auckland academics give their opinion on the question, in 350 words.

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Alumna Charlotte Grimshaw reflects on her family life as the daughter of C.K. Stead in a powerful memoir.

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Dr David Moreau says your exercise routine doesn't need to take hours each day. Get it done in ten minutes every day.

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Emeritus Professor Colin Green describes his early academic life as 'a complete disaster'. Geraldine Johns finds out how that all changed.

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Opinion: Prominent lawyer says trial by media, and social media, endangers the right to a fair trial

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Heritage architect Jeremy Salmond’s life has revolved around history and conservation. In May 2021 he is being recognised as a distinguished alumnus.

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Courtney Sina Meredith is the University’s 2021 Young Alumna of the Year. Janet McAllister explains why there’s a lot to love about this writer’s work.

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Meet the rest of our Distinguished Alumni; plus Dame Claudia Orange; Golden Graduate Gae Griffiths; Law Professor Jaime King; farewell from Jenny Dixon

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