Ingenio Spring 2023

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Cover shows car driving through floodwaters

Includes: Building resilience; Neurodivergent thinking; Letterboxd's Hollywood success; 40 Under 40; Tom Sainsbury guest columnist; 100-year-old historian.

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Dr Lucas Hogan

Natural disasters expose the fragility of New Zealand’s services, housing and transport systems. Meet some of the researchers working to boost our resilience.

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Jude MacArthur

Educators, advisers and a doctoral student discuss why neurodiversity isn’t ‘abnormal’.

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Letterboxd founders

Movie-review platform Letterboxd, devised by two computer science alumni, is a smash hit set to grow.

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tom sainsbury

Opinion: Arts alumnus Tom Sainsbury has forged a successful career in comedy, with many of his characters born on social media.

Guest columnist
fake news cellphone and headings

While warm temperatures and blooming flowers are great news for outdoor activities, a change in season can bring an increase in people’s allergy symptoms.

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ned fletcher outside court

Lawyer and historian Ned Fletcher says ‘sovereignty’ in the English draft of the Treaty of Waitangi means sovereignty solely over the British settlers.

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40 alumni in one compositie image

We honour alumni shining in six fields of endeavour: Disruptors and Innovators; Entrepreneurs; Influencers; Humanitarians; Business Leaders; and Performers.

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raihana attaee

When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, women pursuing education or careers, like Judge Raihana Attaee, had no choice but to go into hiding.

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Russell Stone

At 100, Russell Stone is still writing every day. The trailblazing historian reflects on his work, talking to Professor Linda Bryder.

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Helen Murray in a white coat

Brain researcher Dr Helen Murray's work investigates the risks of high-impact sport to players’ brain health.

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Ryan Bodman at the university

Arts alumnus Ryan Bodman’s book on the history of New Zealand rugby league also tells the story of this country’s post-war culture.

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Man at the Tongariro Crossing

Feature: Now that the country’s borders are flowing freely, could we make greater efforts to reset tourism so it has a sustainable heart?

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Fiona Sussman

Doctor turned crime writer Fiona Sussman talks about how her two careers are connected.

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The University's research vessel, Te Kaihōpara, lies at anchor at Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve while divers explore.

Our research vessel, Te Kaihōpara, anchored at Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve. Image: Paul Caiger, Institute of Marine Science.

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