Video: Raising the Bar - Home edition 2021

Watch recordings of our 2021 webinar series.

This talk illustrates how CRISPR can be used to fix disease-causing broken genes in adult cells.

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Suresh describes the recent renaissance of psychedelic drug research and the pathway for psychedelics to be introduced as important new medicines.

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Peter explains the intricacies of terrorism like you’ve never heard before.

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Scenario operations, 'Mr Big', and evidence obtained by undercover policing in New Zealand, are all examined in this talk by Associate Professor Scott Optican.

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In this talk, highly successful Pacific academic Dr Jemaima Tiatia-Seath relates how academia can be a lonely place at the top for a brown female leader.

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Michael outlines the key reasons behind the anti-consumption of vaccines and how this could affect the world’s Covid-19 vaccination response.

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