Doctoral study in the Dance Studies Programme

The University’s Dance Studies Programme is New Zealand’s leading centre for postgraduate research in dance, becoming internationally recognised for its research in teaching and learning, choreographic practice and dance ethnography.

Types of doctoral study

In the Dance Studies programme, you are able to choose one of two ways to complete your doctoral study, depending on your research preferences.

1. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The traditional PhD thesis is a formal piece of advanced research, with a final examined thesis of up to 100,000 words. Your thesis serves as a contribution to the field of dance research on both a local and international level. To find out more about the programme structure, entry requirements and start dates, visit Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

2. PhD including Scholarly Creative Work

You can also consider completing your PhD including Scholarly Creative Work. This allows you to submit a creative work and a written component as examinable work. There are some specific guidelines around the admission requirements and timing of the examination for creative works. To find out more about this option, visit PhD including Scholarly Creative Work.

Doctoral supervisors

We understand that supervisor quality and a strong candidate-supervisor relationship are very important when you decide where to undertake your doctoral study.

Our staff are internationally recognised researchers, educators, performers and choreographers. 

Statement of Research Intent

As part of your application, you need to submit a Statement of Research Intent for Doctoral Study in the Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries. The purpose of preparing the documents is to obtain sufficient information for the department to assess your application for doctoral study and allocate supervisors best able to support your research.

Postgraduate Adviser

We encourage contacting our Postgraduate Adviser before you submit your Application for Admission (AfA) for more specific information and advice about doctoral study in our Dance Studies programme.

Adviser for Doctoral Study

Dr Ralph Buck

Contact us

You may need to contact the Student Hubs or the School of Graduate Studies at different points of your planning and application process.

Student Hubs

For queries about how to apply, admission, and enrolment, please visit Student Hubs or contact us online.

School of Graduate Studies

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