Why support the University in your will?

The University of Auckland, as educator of some of the best young minds and leader in research and innovation, has a special role in creating a better future for the people of New Zealand.

Universities have always been creators, conservators and disseminators of knowledge and, unlike other organisations, they operate over long time horizons.

For each generation that passes through the University, the focus is on preparing them for times of radical change, for risk and opportunity, by teaching them how to discover new ways to do things, new ways to look at the world, and new ways to think – all skills vital for the unknown world of tomorrow.

Every student, researcher or lecturer will in some way affect and influence the future.

Every gift will affect the experience of those at the University, from the researchers in AI to medical breakthroughs; from students from all backgrounds to the teachers who will inspire them.

Philanthropic support, which includes gifts in wills, is critical to the University fulfilling its role to support New Zealand’s future.