Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) testing, maintenance and replacement

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Testing PPE prior to use

Before any PPE is used the equipment should be tested to ensure that if fits the user correctly and not unduly cause: 

  • Sweating
  • Discomfort
  • Interference with other pieces of PPE
  • Interference with communication. 

Where multiple pieces of PPE are to be used simultaneously, an incompatibility assessment will be performed to ensure each piece of PPE does not adversely interfere with one another such as: 

  • Insufficient clearance for headband with a helmet and earmuffs
  • Gaps around the earmuff seal with safety glasses
  • Insufficient clearance for ear cup with face shields and welding helmets. 

The following link is to a resource available to staff only.


All PPE should be regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure that the PPE provides the level of protection it is designed for. The correct manner of cleaning and maintaining the PPE should be provided by the manufacturer when purchased. Regular inspection of the PPE should be completed on an ongoing basis and any repairs should be completed immediately when a fault is detected. 

University staff and students issued with PPE are responsible for the following: 

  • All PPE is to be used, maintained and stored in accordance with instructions from the manufacturer/supplier
  • To regularly arrange for the maintenance or laundering of appropriate PPE as required.

Each Faculty / Service division shall be responsible for ensuring that appropriate maintenance of PPE is implemented. 


PPE may be replaced when the equipment has deteriorated through normal use. Manufacturers should provide information on the recommended replacement timeframes.

PPE shall also be replaced following: 

  • A report of theft 
  • A report of breakage or damage 
  • A report of loss.

Broken or damaged equipment shall be returned to the point of issue (where applicable) when seeking replacements. Sufficient stocks are to be kept on site for replacement purposes.  

PPE for non-UoA personnel

All non-UoA personnel entering a workplace are required to comply with all PPE requirements.   

  • Visitors will be supplied with or loaned the appropriate PPE

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