Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) training and record keeping

Learn about how you can manage and control hazards in the office and the general work environment.

  • All workers shall ensure that protective clothing is always worn
  • Correct PPE is to be worn at the appropriate times for the task being undertaken
  • Correct clothing and PPE shall be worn as specified in accordance to the risk assessment, relevant procedures, safe work instruction and specified requirements (ie. signage)
  • PPE shall fit the user for size, shape or any other key feature to guarantee effectiveness and minimise discomfort 
  • All workers shall be given training in the correct identification, inspection, maintenance, use and fitting of PPE. Training should be completed when new clothing and PPE is purchased
  • All records pertaining to issue and training of PPE are to be kept 
  • Workers shall wear / use the required PPE in the correct manner 
  • PPE found to be damaged or outside the relevant specifications or standards shall be tagged, not used and your manager / supervisor notified 
  • Workers shall not make substitutions to the PPE supplied/ issued.  

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